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We create custom spaces, both static & mobile, for design agencies, exhibit providers, corporate and retail clients. And we do it through creative problem-solving and the ability to bring diverse solutions together in one space with precision, quality, and accuracy. Because if we don’t, we know you won’t be presenting your best brand.


Gordon Food Service Truck

How do you compete for attention at a trade show centered around free food samples? That was the challenge facing the creative team at Relish Works, a division of GFS tasked with imagining the future of the food industry. To help in their endeavor, Relish Works turned to Meta4mat to assist in creating an experience with equal amounts of visual intrigue and useful data. The result was a completely interactive food truck that engaged and informed attendees at every turn. Fabricated entirely at Meta4mat, the truck included an iPad registration station, divider towers with pulsating RGB/LED lighting, acrylic ballot boxes, Foodie I.D. stickers, and monitors with digital video loops. We also made the truck’s grill a drawer with power and USB outlets inside for booth attendants to stash and charge their devices. Work should always be this fun!

Spectrum Health – All of Us

When Spectrum Health partnered with the All of Us initiative, a research community of one million people who share their unique health data in order to aid in developing specialized treatments, the first thing they did was turn to Meta4mat to help create kiosks for hospitals across the country. After the initial testing phase, we were then asked to help develop a unique environment for the All of Us offices located throughout the Spectrum Health system. The result was a proprietary office system that includes acrylic wall partitions, LED enhanced reception stations, and lab desks with integrated branding graphics inside and outside of the offices.


Munters, a global leader in energy efficient agricultural and horticultural ventilation systems, approached Meta4mat for ideas regarding the rapidly approaching IPPE show. The challenge was put very succinctly; “We need to appear like we belong here”. Munters needed a solution that allowed them to fill large spaces for some shows and smaller spaces for others. To accommodate, we fabricated a 16’ tall tower with an 8’ square footprint featuring functioning products, video loops, branded graphics and a spring-loaded hidden door for entry into the tower. Each corner of the tower has a universal radiused corner piece. For larger spaces, the corner pieces on any one side can be removed and a descending wall complete with planters can be cam-locked into the corner instead, integrating perfectly with all the other components while creating a much larger presence. As a bonus, we learned a ton about the importance of climate control relative to chicken egg production.